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Symmodance » New Game Modes

Changelog / Patch notes

New Content
2 New Game Modes
  • Mayhem: Every decision you make is a roll of the dice, with no room for strategy or planning. Whether you’re reaching for a weapon, opening an item box, or selecting an augmentation, chance is your only guide.
  • Adventure: Every moment is a surprise! Brace yourself as you face unexpected events and challenges. Adaptability is your greatest asset in this adventure where the only constant is the element of surprise.
  • Added over 100 random events to the glossary, unlocking as you encounter them.
  • Added a new weapon progression system where weapons become stronger with more kills. Check the “Select Starting Weapon” menu for details.

Balance Changes
  • The core upgrade “Recovery Shield” now grants 0.1 seconds of invincibility after being hit.
  • Reduced the starting bonus of Ionsight to 30% Critical Damage from 50%.
  • The “Mobility Trade-Off” augmentation is now accessible only if “Dash of Freedom” has been obtained.
  • The “Strategic Compromise” augmentation is now available after 20 minutes of gameplay.

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Added an option to toggle “auto armory open” and “auto armory close” in the main menu to streamline gameplay and reduce the need for repetitive selections.
  • These settings are now global and will be saved for convenience across runs.
  • Redesigned the endgame screen for improved visual aesthetics.

Bug fixes and Issues
  • Fixed the issue of invincible enemies.
  • Resolved the Exo-Boss Recovery item, which was causing negative health regeneration.
  • Fixed the issue where some weapons were not unlocking, even when requirements were met.
  • Solved the problem where brutal mode stats were resetting. I apologize for the inconvenience.