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Hollow Survivors » New floor

Hello Survivors! 👋

Welcome to our first monthly devlog! 🙂 First and foremost, we’d like to thank all of you for the suggestions, opinions and all the feedback you’ve given us throughout the entire Scream Fest. 💝 We’ll take our time to think of the best way to address your concerns and ideas, so you can look forward to the future devlogs!

Today, we’re excited to show you the new features we’ve been busy with. We’re always eager to hear what you think, so please share your thoughts with us. 🔥 Let’s jump right into the updates!

1. Forest floors decorations 🌳

Your feedback was loud and clear – the forest levels seemed a bit too dull and empty. We hear you, and we agree. That’s why we’ve spruced up these areas with vibrant new decorations! During the visual upgrade, we made sure to keep the unique spirit of the hollow tower alive. 👻 Let us know that you think!

2. New weapon “Great Axe” 🪓

To make another step towards ensuring that every Survivor has a weapon suitable for their desired playstyle, we’re adding a new one. Great Axe is a melee weapon with a bigger range and much bigger damage ( 40 -> 50 -> 80, while sword deals 25 damage per hit). It’s grievous damage doesn’t come without a cost though, as swinging a weapon of such size is surely a great effort which comes with a considerably slower attack rate. Let’s discuss how this changes your strategy on Discord!

3. New floor – Stone&Lava 🌋

Brace yourself for the stone & lava floor, a perilous blend of rock and molten danger, complete with a formidable new boss. The Beholder – guardian of this realm will challenge you with his lasers and myriad bullets. Keep in mind the boss is still in testing and adjustments and upgrades to the balance will be made. 👍

4. Meta progression- merchant 💰

Our beloved merchant also received some changes. We’ve introduced an upgrade mechanism which allows you to help him (through a hefty donation) expand the range of the goods he offers with better, more powerful upgrades. 💪

5. Updated visuals 👀

We’ve also improved the looks of the level up mechanism, added an entirely new animation and made the upgrade cards darker (and way cooler). In our opinion, small details like these make all the difference.

Thank you for reading the entire devlog. We can’t wait to hear from you on our discord! 👇

If you’re enjoying our work thus far and would like to support us, you can add the game to your wishlists on Steam! 👇

See you soon,
Hollow Survivors Team