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Skybreakers » New features-Endless Mode is available

Hello everyone,

New features is available!

1. Endless Mode

– Unlocked for each character upon clearing Swamp difficulty (calculated independently for each character).
– Default 3 chances for half-health revival.
– Choose one unlocked weapon at the start at the beginning.
– In-match weapon enhancement interface allows weapon switching.
– Free access to 8 heart technique slots.
– Introduction of new ‘Champion’s Relic’:
– After each boss-level battle, players can choose an ‘Champion’s Relic’.
– ‘Champion’s Relic’ are unified into one category, and their corresponding bonds affect 1/2/4 of the shop.
– Every 3 waves after the 6th wave, a boss battle occurs, leading to an infinite boss challenge at wave 30.
– Bosses gain 2 additional phases during boss battles:
– Purple progress bar reaching maximum triggers Phase 1, ignoring control, reducing skill cooldowns, and increasing damage.
– Red progress bar reaching maximum triggers Phase 2, enhancing movement and attack speed, causing continuous damage around the boss.
– Records the best demon clear count at the end of the battle.

2. Five New Achievements

– Completion of Swamp difficulty with each character (4 achievements in total).
– Completion of Swamp difficulty with all characters.