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Symmodance » New Features and Game Balance

Changelog / Patch notes

4 New Core Upgrades
  • Headshot: Introduces a chance to instantly eliminate enemies with well-aimed shots.
  • Dash Cooldown: Allows for customization of dash ability cooldown.
  • Dash Range: Enhances the range of the dash ability.
  • Invincibility after Hit: Grants temporary invincibility for a period after taking damage.

10 New Augmentations
  • Ten new augmentations have been introduced, offering unique gameplay enhancements. Refer to the in-game Glossary for detailed information including how to unlock them.

33 New Achievements
  • A total of 33 new in-game achievements have been added, providing players with fresh challenges and goals to strive for.

Balancing the Game
  • Miragora’s Brutal Mode Adjustments: The difficulty of Miragora’s Brutal mode has been significantly reduced to provide a more balanced gameplay experience. Enemies were becoming overwhelmingly strong at an unsustainable pace.
  • Lyrastris Difficulty Adjustment: All game modes in Lyrastris have received a reduced difficulty level, offering a more accessible challenge.

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Glossary Expansion: The Collectibles menu has been renamed to “Glossary” and now includes comprehensive information about enemies, alongside items and augmentations.
  • Settings Menu Integration: The options and controls menus have been consolidated into a single “Settings” menu to streamline the main menu interface.
  • “End Run” Option: An “End Run” option becomes available after 5 minutes in a run. Using this option grants all achievement rewards, upgrade points, and other earned rewards instantly.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
  • Glossary Item Issue: Resolved an issue where some unlocked items appeared as locked in the glossary, providing accurate information to players.
  • Boss Spawn Rate Adjustment: In the extreme late game, the spawn rate of bosses has been reduced to enhance game performance. However, bosses have become notably more formidable.