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Keeper's Toll » NEW Evasive Actions! NEW Boss! (Build 0.6.24)


Players can now evade by pressing “B” (Circle on Playstation controller) on their game controller or Left Shift on the keyboard. Key binding for the evade action can also be changed if you go into the options menu.

Dodge Roll, Dash or Slide depending on your character class.

A. Evading will give you a 30% speed boost for the duration of the move
B. You can perform a double dash, but your stamina meter will be completely drained. Use to your advantage, but contemplate risk vs reward
C. Become invulnerable while evading (100% i Frames)
D. Smash through crates and barrels, dark souls style, cause it’s fun 🙂

New Boss: Sporelord Rotwood

A new mushroom has become angry at all the little shrooms you’ve been destroying! He’s teased you with his poisonous mine field, but now it’s time to take him on! He’s replacing Bloodsap as the end boss for Linden Forest. We did this because we felt that, mechanically, Bloodsap was a little tough for a lot of new players to figure out. Sporelord Rotwood seems to strike a better balance and everyone who’s tested the new boss is in agreement, so we felt this was the right move as we continue forward in Early Access.

Bloodsap will make a return to the game when we reach v0.7, our next major milestone. This will be sometime in early 2024, possibly as early as January but expected no later than February.

Version 0.7 of the game is the largest update we will have launched since Early Access. It’s a major milestone for the game that will include hours of new content, loads of new features and progression and so much more. You haven’t seen anything yet!

Updated HUD

Gone is the lone health bar below the player. With the addition of the evasive actions comes a new stamina bar and HUD setup. All stats are now located in the top left corner of the screen, and with this change comes improvements to hit detection and stamina tracking.

Patch Notes (0.6.24)

– NEW: Evasive Maneuvers (unique for each character class)

– NEW: Stamina system. Each class regenerates stamina at a different rate. mods to come in future updates as we expand the system

– NEW: Boss – Sporelord Rotwood. We have temporarily removed Bloodsap from the game as the end boss of Linden Forest and replaced him with Sporelord Rotwood. We will be adding Bloodsap back to the game when we launch v0.7 in early 2024.

– NEW: Achievement for defeating Sporelord Rotwood

– NEW: HUD UI elements > HP/Stamina/Chi bars + character portraits

– Crit Chance % now displays on pause menus and level up menus

– On Level Up, Skills are now labeled as Active or Passive, improving clarity

– Added menu navigation using controller/keyboard to the merchant icons on the pause menu

– Added merchant icons + navigation to the level up menu

– Hit Detection: HP bar now quickly flashes when hit

– Hit Detection: Added a small red border that flashes on the edge of the screen when hit

– Increased default gold pickup range

– UI: Adjusted Game HUD to support 9:16 aspect ratio (vertical displays)

– UI: Adjusted Game HUD for 16:10 displays (Steam Deck) so the vertical assets will be anchored properly relative to default 16:9

– UI: Indicator Icons that border the screen will now hover above the XP bar at bottom of screen, instead of being hidden behind the bar

– Player can no longer be slowed multiple times and have the effect stack. If slowed, the effect must now wear off before being slowed again

– Bug Fix: skill icons properly display on level up menu now. A few of them were swapped to incorrect positions

– Bug Fix: Player animation speed now always properly resets after being slowed

– Bug Fix: Bogatyr’s War Cry was not properly calculating haste. fixed

– Bug Fix: Key Bindings should now work properly. We needed to adjust the code to support the addition of another binding for the evade move

– Bug Fix: Pumpking’s Crown Merchant Item – Properly Aligned the Smash VFX to the Pumpking’s landing impact position

– Bug Fix: Catapult Curse boulders will no longer inflict damage to the player when falling. Damage will only be inflicted when a boulder reaches the point of impact

– Bug Fix: Indicator icon for the challenge event circle in Usvit Depths should no longer display if the event circle is not active in the scene

– Key Bindings: Added a key binding for the Evade action. It defaults to Left Shift on the keyboard but can be reset to another binding if you prefer

– Restructured character animators to support new moves/input

– Invader will no longer spawn exactly at 4 minutes. There is now a random spawn time range in which he can spawn

– Modified Tome 5 in the Tomes of Knowledge menu. Tome 5 is now earned when defeating Sporelord Rotwood, not Bloodsap. Defeating Bloodsap will be added back in as a new task to earn a tome in v 0.7

– Added a short, optional tutorial when first loading into Linden Forest to inform the player how to evade

– Added a simple loading screen on game startup

– Added some missing sound effect events to the Talents menu when selecting specific characters or using the Buy Button

Special Thanks

I wanted to give a shout out to some of the playerbase who helped us test this update. This came together through the efforts and feedback of everyone involved. Thank you to Hikiko, Djezze, Broda and Nosteru.

And of course, a shout out to each and every one of you reading this. Thank you for following along as we continue development on Keeper’s Toll. Early Access has been a crazy ride so far. Each and every update puts us closer to realizing our vision for the game. There’s so many improvements and changes to come, not to mention the countless hours of new content. If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or any other feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you

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