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Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD » New enemies, keyboard-free combat,…and more

Request access to playtest to test the game as soon as possible!

Here are recently update notes for the playtest:

– NEW: language selector. Languages other than English are work-in-progress
– NEW: you now can use skills without the keyboard
– Other minor/under-the-hood changes

– NEW: Blndr tower
– NEW: Meteor enemies
– CHANGED: now Quantum Eraser only destroys normal enemies
– REBALANCED: chances of Skill Enhancements in shop
– REBALANCED: limit number of enemies Air Blade can kill per round
– REBALANCED: limit number of enemies Thunderstrike can kill per radius unit
– REBALANCED: nerfed Thunderstrike’s enhancements
– REBALANCED: number of bullets in Air Blade’s Bullet Channeling
– FIXED: some typos
– Other minor/under-the-hood changes

– NEW: many new artifacts
– CHANGED: removed the “unlock X-related items” mechanism
– NEW: Enemy Database
– NEW: Patreon link, if you like the game, you now can buy me a coffee 🙂
– NEW: Last second progress bar and related mechanism
– Other minor/under-the-hood changes