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Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath » New demo for Steam Next Fest

Greetings our Friends!

Steam Next Fest is starting this Monday and Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath participates in this fascinating event.

Due to that, the game’s demo has just been updated to version 0.7.108!

Since the last update, we’ve been working mostly on new content that will be available in a “full” release during Early Access. However, there are some new things that appear in the Steam demo, as well as some minor/major changes including:

  • New game mode: Conquest!
  • New artifact item: Raisin Cookie,
  • Body parts coming out of devastated enemies!
  • Reworked Ancestral Totem skill,
  • Semi-reworked Hell of a Hog skill.

There more changes in regards to fixes, tweaks and other improvements, but here we would like to point out the most important ones.

In the Conquest mode your task is to secure indicated areas for 30 seconds. You just need to stand in a blue circle until it “fills up”. If you get outside of the zone, the “fillment” will start to slowly decrease. Remember not to get killed ;-).
Note: in the Steam demo the Survival mode has been disabled, so you can focus on a new challenge ;-).

Those of you who appreciate Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath for its cartoonish gore, will surely like newly added “particles” that appear when an enemy is treated with a high damage. Let us know what you think!
(those who prefer not to play with gore at all, can still disabled it with a respective option in the settings menu; the Performance mode disables the new gore system as well).

Finally – the game’s Steam page has been updated with a new trailer and screenshots that reveal new champions, skills and enemies! Go check them out!

For Mother Nature!