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Galactic Glitch: Infinity's Edge » New Demo for SHMUP Fest

We’re part of SHMUP Fest, and to celebrate the occasion we’ve released a new demo! ✨

The demo includes all new visuals, with more dynamic enemy and ship movement animations, and also finally showing your enemies, the Corrupted, as they were always intended to look, truly evil! 😈

Besides that, we’ve also shortened the tutorial, added some awesome new features, like using your grav ability to jank and rip enemy parts off (and use them as your ammo).

List of major changes since the Prologue:


  • Added all new enemy movement animations
  • Added enemy corruption effects
  • Added new enemy attack telegraphs
  • New and improved tutorial
  • Difficulty selection, right after the tutorial ends
  • Added grabbing and ripping parts off of enemies

Besides those, there are tons more fixes, better balancing, and just general improvement to make the game play even smoother than before.

We hope you enjoy this new demo, and sneak peek at what is to come! 🚀

Check it our yourself here: