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Juicy Realm » New content, new characters, and crossplay coop triple update!

Hello everyone! We have prepared some juicy presents for you! Imagine you are playing Juicy Realm on your PC and your girlfriend is playing on her NS/mobile on the sofa, you can enjoy a heartwarming coop experience on two different platforms. Sorry if you don’t have one, but having Crossplay coop on Juicy Realm would definitely help! 😛

Other than crossplay coop, we are also including the contents from other platforms. Now players on all platforms have the same contents, Juicy Realm is finally an adult! Thank you all so much for the support along the way!

Here are the update details:

1. Added Lan Crossplay coop mode, now you can play coop mode with players on other platforms!
2. Added a backpack system and improved the weapon update mechanic. You may equip and unequip weapon attachments freely.
3. Added a new Character–Lily. To unlock her, you will need to beat the game with 6 stars challenge mode.
4. Bigger map display and you will be able to fast travel to rooms you have been to.
5. Added “Info” menu. You can access stage and ability information here.
6. 20 NEW weapons!
7. Added a new feature that allows you to trade hp for items.
8. Improved the statue room types.
9. Improved the pet skills.
10. Improved the guaranteed drops for the washing machine.

1.Same attachments will automatically merge into better attachment. Each top attachment has its own powerful ability.
2.Improved the pet skills.
3.Now you will get more loot drops after the washing machine explosion.