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Might'n Mow'em Co-Op Survivors Online » New Class: Stormbringer – let it snow, ah, rain!

As the nights are getting especially long, hope comes into sight:
Our 7th class adds new possibilities to mow invading monsters!

With its mastery of the natural elements, the Stormbringer’s might includes lightning, thunder and rain.
Meet your latest hero in the tavern today and be the first to experience his unique skill and item on the battlefield in single- and multiplayer.

Also Daisy learned something new and randomly gives out a new category of daily quests now.

Patch Notes v0.249

New Class: Stormbringer:

  • High attack speed, low health.
  • Weapon: Thunder Book drops lightning bolts on arbitrary enemies, more so when levelled up.
  • Item: Magic Rune increases damage.
  • Ultimate: electric field deals damage over time and increases attack speed.
  • Multiplayer buff: increases attack speed of nearby allies.
  • Max level Thunder Book to trigger environmental rain effect.
  • Thunder Book Weapon Mastery attainable for other classes via respective Perk at blacksmith.

Single Run Quests: conclude this new type of daily quest by mowing down the required number of invaders in a single run. Unfinished progress lost when run ends.


  • Boss damage recalibrated, especially AoE zone damage.
  • Immediate display of reduced Might Score when resetting Perks at blacksmith.

Rest assured, btw, we haven’t forgotten about the Controller Support at all… but that’s another war story for some other long December night…

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!