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Robot Resistors » New Character, Weapon, and Ultimate!

Changes in

A new resistor has joined the team! Introducing Rat GPT, the world’s most advanced Ratbot! Featuring cutting edge Rat-AI algorithms and chaingun welded to his back, Rat GPT is ready for action! In addition to the new character and weapons, this patch contains several tiny tweaks and changes, and a new passive ability for Robo-Shop. We are also currently hard at work on Stage 4, which we hope to release soon!

Rat GPT– A new playable character, Rat GPT comes armed with a chaingun (also new) and a new active ability: Spray and Pray. When activated, all weapons gain +3 bonus projectiles for eight seconds. Additionally, Rat GPT starts with +100 bonus shields.

New Weapon- Chaingun: This minigun spins up and fires a continuous stream of bullets at a random enemy until the target is destroyed, then finds a new target. Enemies in the path between the player and the target of the chaingun will block bullets and take damage instead. In addition, the chaingun has an overheat mechanic: it will spin up to max firing speed and shoot very rapidly, then overheat and need to cooldown, at which point it will fire more slowly. The amount of time it is able to fire at max speed is increased by both leveling and the weapon enhancer passive ability. Additionally, the time spent cooling down can also be reduced significantly by leveling the weapon up. –Dev Note: The chaingun is a rather unique weapon. Internally, we find it to be both over and underpowered: it shines in certain situations and is incredibly strong, while in other situations it is very underwhelming. As such, we are especially interested in getting any feedback from players, as it has been a tough weapon to balance for those reasons!

New Ultimate – Poisonator: This ultimate version of the chaingun spins in a constant circle, shooting poisoned bullets that damage enemies over time. Similar to the chaingun, it has an overheat mechanic, but no longer chooses random targets and instead continuously spins in a circle.

Smaller Changes:
  • New Robo-Shop Passive Ability: Recovers more health from pickups. –Dev Note: Robo-Shop was missing a passive ability or bonus, now he has one!
  • Crystal Cavern enemies that drop from ceiling have a slightly higher trigger radius now, and as such will drop sooner upon player approach. –Dev Note: The enemies that drop from above in the crystal caverns now trigger at a wider range, which should make them function more as originally intended.
  • Tiny under-the-hood changes and miscellaneous tweaks to spawn waves and sprites.

Thanks again to all our players! We anticipate releasing Stage 4 soon, and as always, appreciate any and all feedback! Reach out to us on our Discord or the Steam forums anytime, and good luck resisting!

–The Crablacksmith Team (James, Frank, Luke, and Adrian)