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Sue Shi Survival » New Character and Upgrades!

The newest character Kyonshii is now available! They can be unlocked by getting 15 upgrades to max rank during a single run of Standard or Blitz. We hope you enjoy them!

Additionally, the new Spectral upgrade tree has been added to the game. Use the ghostly powers of your enemies against them as you harness ethereal powers and equipment to help take back your sushi restaurant!

Finally, among other balance changes a new Hasty Seed was added to the Botanist tree. Watering this seed will grant you stacking movement speed bonuses.

Thanks for checking out Sue Shi Survival and we hope you’ve been enjoying it. As for the roadmap I mentioned in a previous post – We’ve decided not to set any exact dates on when Early Access will end, however you can expect to see patches similar to this one every week for the foreseeable future. That means new characters and upgrades weekly, with smaller patches dotted in between to address balance and any potential issues that might arise.

If there are any questions, concerns, general feedback, or if you just want to chat, you can reach us in the comments of this post, on the Community Hub, or over at our discord. Enjoy!