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Turf Wars: A Snail Escape » New Boss Has Arrived

Hey Snail Squad,

Hold onto your shells because a new era has dawned in the garden – Mecha-Queen has arrived! 🤖👑 Armed with a laser sword on her left hook and the ability to shoot laser beams from her right, she’s here to bring a whole new level of electrifying chaos to the garden!

Meet Mecha-Queen
🔵 Laser Sword: Watch out for her swift strikes with a laser sword attached to her left hook.
🔴 Laser Beams: Dodge the laser beams she unleashes from her right hook – precision is key!
⚡ Electric Minions: She’s not alone! Mecha-Queen can launch electric minions that create laser beams from their antennae, adding a layer of strategic madness to the battlefield.

Hunt for Mecha-QueenFinding Mecha-Queen is not as hard as you think, so I thought I could explain how it works. Bosses spawn randomly once you’ve conquered the main area boss. But to keep it more fun with added bosses, a lower weighting is calculated for the boss you’ve beaten the most.

For example:

You’ve conquered The Queen & The Hive 3 times.
The Swarm has been defeated once.
Mecha-Queen? Yet to face her.
Now, when a boss is randomly selected, The Swarm and Mecha-Queen each have a 44% chance, while The Queen & The Hive is at 12%. It’s a dynamic system that keeps you on your toes and makes it finding new bosses easier!

Ready to face the electrifying challenge? Dive into the garden, dodge those lasers, and let the Mecha-Queen showdown begin!

Snail Hugs,
Andreas Werdin 🐌