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Crimson Dawn » New Artefacts, Weapons Sound Effects, Damage statistics and more

New Changes

1. New Artefact: Explosive corpse. When your weapons kill an enemy, there is a chance that it explodes the corpse and deals damage in the area around it. Unlocks by completing 2nd Mystic Meadows mission.
2. New Artefact: Haste aura. Character gets bonus movement speed for each enemy within a range. Unlocks by completing 3rd Mystic Meadows mission.
3. Sound effects for all existing weapons are added to the game. You can always change the volume or disable these effects in the game settings.
4. Statistics on how much damage each weapon deals per run. You can see it in the rewards menu after the run is over.
5. By pressing pause during the game, you will see now all the interface elements, including current attributes, weapons and artefacts, resources, etc.


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