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Strafe: Gold Edition » MUTATOR MADNESS

Hey Killers!
We have another update hot and ready from of the oven. This update brings some new content and fixes as well as some QoL changes for our speed running community.

We also looked at the data and made some difficulty changes that should help new players without effecting veterans much at all.

This update also brings a price drop to $14.99.


+ Added Tips during level loads to help teach players about deeper systems*
+ Added Five new Mutators:
– When I move you move
– Jetpack Adventure
– Slappers
– Locked Seed


+ EZ Mode damage the player receives reduced 33%
+ Glutton damage reduced 33%
+ Harvester base health reduced 25%
+ Harvester head shot effectiveness increased 33%
+ Sluggard damage reduced 25%
+ Explosion damage to the player reduced 25%
+ Rearranged barrel and c4 damage caps to happen before damage reduction is applied
+ Teleporters now only require 3 pieces to unlock
+ Power up that allows barrels to be pulled doesn’t have a cook time
+ You can skip Gun Duchess animations
+ Burbs rats secret reduced from 9 to 5 rats
+ Thruster item re-balanced and fixed issues that made accidental activation common
+ Changed Athena laser grid doors to allow more clever speed running tricks
+ Space bar can be held to speed up coin filling bar at the end of runs


+ Optimized a few aspects of enemies to increase performance in all zones
+ Solved rare issue that could cause fps to spiral to extremely low numbers until the next level
+ Reduced memory usage while playing levels (this may fix some rare crashes)
+ Improved performance of Athena


+ Fixed a few specific crashes sent in via the feedback email
+ Gluttons can no longer get stuck in place
+ Fixed issue that allowed little joby to purchase invisibility cloaks
+ Fixed issue that allowed soft locks to happen when robbing the second merchant
+ Fixed issue that would cause jumps to mis register when speed running
+ Fixed issue where enemies could attack you while loading into the jump map
+ Fixed issue where scrambled enemies Mutator could damage you on level load
+ Fixed soft lock where players could pick up a keycard head while dropping one and cause one to disappear
+ Fixed issue where players were able to earn mastery crowns when they were actually inactive when playing the STRAFEZONE

* Since we don’t have the budget for localization and the overwhelming majority of our audience is English speaking the tips are only available in English at the moment.