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Reality Break » Multiple Demo Updates

October was a big month for Reality Break, including lots of new players from the Roguelike Celebration (welcome to you all!). This of course means that the Demo has been updated with many improvements over the past month. They include QoL, performance, and balance improvements alongside dozens of bug fixes!

Here are the v0.14.9 patch notes, with links you can click on the bottom of each set to go to previous updates.

  • New and improved content: Advanced enemy variants with uniquely threatening abilities, new Capital Ship Armor item from Colossus Reactor, redesigned Concentration pilot skill, overhauled Investigation side mission.
  • Dozens of QoL improvements, such as a configurable AoE tractor beam for items, an expandable stash, locking items as Favorites, better Dissolve UX, and an Overlay mode for the Area Scan.
  • Performance upgrades
  • Balance tweaks
  • And, as usual, dozens of bug fixes

You can check out the various patch notes for more info, or come discuss the game in our Discord!

Thank you very much for playing Reality Break!!