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Roguevive » Multiplayer Online update…and Auto-Aim…also key bindings.

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of news.

For the past semester I’ve been working on the multiplayer online of the the game, and it’s Here.

I actually remade the entire game on Unreal, so everything is a little different.

Patch Notes:
  • As of now, the multiplayer online is On, you can host a session for up to 4 players.
  • Auto-aim function, by pressing U, u can toggle between normal/auto shoot/auto aim.
  • The settings menu is completely changed, now you can change all of the controls there.
  • Every text is on a pixel Font, I will try to add an option to change this on a near future.
  • Decrease every enemy overall speed.
  • You can now select your update by pressing 1 2 3 4 5 on the keyboard.
  • Overall changes in the color of the game, since I changed the engine and remade the game, I tried to make it looks a little better.
  • Updated icons on the skill trees.

Known Bugs and Roadmap:

There are some issues left to be fixed in the online, such as the names above characters head behaving weirdly in the screen, also some projectiles are lagging even in higher frame-rates, so I am looking into it and will release a hotfix when I’m done fixing.
Also for this week I’ll work on a screen for the players to select their skin, kinda weird playing with 4 skeletons running around.
Also for the next 15 days, I’m working on 2 new maps and some more upgrades.

Sorry about the lack of news, this last semester was a really long one, and hopefully will not happen again.
I’m studying launching the game somewhere near February, so I will do my best to release lots of updates till there, and beyond.
Please feel free to leave feedbacks and such.

Thanks everyone for the support.