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Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors » Multiplayer Beta Testing Update

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to tell you that we just made some updates about the Multiplayer Beta Testing.

Here are the changes we just made:


  • Remote Play Co-op players now gain an additional +50% XP for both the Main Character and Companion
  • End of Run stats now show Companion XP gain
  • New Option added in Graphics menu: Show Enemy Silhouettes. This is the first iteration of a much requested VFX option to help with visibility.
  • Co-op Companions will always be at least as fast as the Main Character

Bug fixes

  • [CO-OP] Fixed an issue where Player 2 movement would reset progress towards “Like A Stone” quests
  • [CO-OP] Fixed an issue where occasionally the teleport timer did not pause if Player 1 (Host) stops opening a Chest while Player 2 (Client) remained inside
  • [CO-OP] Fixed an issue when the second player (Client) does not move the control stick for a period of time during the menus which may lead to having to connect the controller again after already pressed START to connect.
  • Many other various fixes related to Co-Op

Known Issues

  • [CO-OP] The Client invited to a Remote Session is currently capable of fully controlling all menu actions on the Host side. Please be careful with who is invited as they have full access to your current game session.
  • [Remote CO-OP] There is a known issue where the Host can control both the Potions and Ultimate of Player 2 when both players are using a controller
  • There are currently issues present during level ups where sometimes queued level ups are chosen too quickly
  • [Remote CO-OP] There is a known issue where a rare crash may occur when starting a new Chapter after completing multiple Chapters in a row
  • [Remote CO-OP] There is a known issue where Player 2 (Client) will override Player 1 (Host) controls if Player 2 has two Controllers plugged in at the same time. To bypass this issue, ensure Player 2 only has one Controller enabled in the Steam Remote Play interface.

If you want to participate to the playtests, join us on Discord for all the details to try this beta, follow our procedure notes.

We’re looking forward to hear your comments and thoughts about this major update coming up!
Test this feature before anyone else!