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Space Mercenary Defense Force » Mothership rework, Death animations – 0.9.3

This update brings in a full rework to the final boss fight, adds transition animations upon winning/losing, includes 5 new achievements, and fixes some bugs.

Mothership rework

The final boss mothership fight has been reworked with new attacks, and a new death animation upon killing it.

  • The corners above and below the mothership will no longer be safe.
  • The laser beam attack no longer sweeps across the screen, now only firing directly forward
  • Bullet hell focused attacks to push you away and out of attack range
  • Increased down time between attacks to get damage in
  • New mothership death animation instead of the game ending abruptly

Death animations

The game no longer suddenly ends after dying, once you lose all your HP your ship will explode and break apart in a short animation.

New Achievements
  • Defeat the final boss without taking damage
  • Achieve a victory without taking damage
  • Achieve a victory with all Celestial Modifiers enabled and no Astral Upgrades equipped
  • Achieve 3 victories in a row with all celestial modifiers enabled
  • Lose a run in less than 5 minutes 3 times in a row
  • Fixed enemy explosion scaling incorrectly without the Virgo Celestial Modifier enabled
  • Fixed poison cloud explosion hitbox growing larger over time with the Virgo Celestial Modifier enabled
  • Fixed a bug when returning to the menu while the final boss is alive
  • Added new altered icons for the slot machine and wheel spin events for their pickup and minimap display
  • Fixed Sagittarius achievement not unlocking
  • Improved consistency in unlocking already achieved achievements on launch
  • Added synergy upgrades to the upgrade list in the game over screen
  • Fixed final upgrade choices sometimes having upgrade type identifier icons
  • Synergy upgrades can now show up once all upgrades are taken