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In Woods » More Wood More Choice

Hi Everyone,

In Version 0.3, a redraw feature is added into the game! You can now spend some woods to redraw Magic Items once when Level Up. Coming with the redraw feature, there are 15 new items for more choice of character building. Also, there are some modifications and bugs fix. Please feel free to check it out!

New Features
  • Use Woods to Redraw Magic Items Once when Level Up
  • Add New Upgrade: Magic Item Redraw
  • Add New Magic Item: Ornate Feather
  • Add New Magic Item: Monster Heart
  • Add New Magic Item: Mystic Booster
  • Add New Magic Item: Shuriken
  • Add New Magic Item: Ruby
  • Add New Magic Item: Sapphire
  • Add New Magic Item: Topaz
  • Add New Magic Item: Amethyst
  • Add New Magic Item: Emerald
  • Add New Magic Item: Fire Rune
  • Add New Magic Item: Ice Rune
  • Add New Magic Item: Lightning Rune
  • Add New Magic Item: Poison Rune
  • Add New Craftable Item: Dice of Elements
  • Esc Key can function like Back Button
  • Show Attack Speed on Character Skill Description Panel
  • Magic Crystal gain 30% more experience
  • Piggy Bank gain 5 experience when gain coin
  • Speed Potion increase 80% Final Attack Speed instead of Base Attack Speed
  • Stone Shield can also reduce 50% Damage from knockback attack
  • Rename Feather to Light Feather
  • All trees have a little growth on Health every minutes
  • Increase Element Resistance of Mage Skeleton
Bugs Fix
  • Fix wrong damage receiving when player Melee Attack Hit Enemy Attack