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Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power » More playable characters ! – Demo v0.0.7

You can’t have a great adventure without a bunch of friends! So the Heroes of Loot are reunited again as this demo brings the playable characters for Wizard and Valkyrie!

I’m still balancing their weapon stats and dodge moves, but take them for a spin and let me know how far you got!

So the update list is LONG this time, if you prefer shorter ones, come hang out on the Discord for the shorter “day by day” updates thanks to my Ori bot.

Version 0.0.7 of Gauntlet of Power comes with a bunch of fixes, improvements and of course new features. Like the playable characters, new enemies, and a collection of new items (my goal is to increase this towards a hundred items before we release..!)

There are als a couple of extra boss battles in there, and I randomized the order of encountering them for even more fun.

Next on the list of features is more special rooms where you can encounter NPC’s who give you a quest, or maybe trade items with you, or other kind of adventurous interactions. Besides that a big missing feature is still weapon-combo’s to unlock new special weapons.. I just have to figure out what kind of weapons !

So that’s a couple of big things I plan on working on for the next demo!

Full changes list:

  • added: save/restore functionality to rooms for entities in it
  • added: persistent debris (blood,bones,etc)
  • added: little HUD flash when XP bar is increased
  • added: bombs can now destroy room-obstacles
  • added: Compass shows in HUD near mini-map
  • added: a codex with info on the various items
  • added: “wood-breaking” sounds to floor-arrows being hit
  • added: Fireball cannons
  • added: Bouncing enemies
  • added: Shellies (enemy type)
  • added: master key “auto open” doors and treasures when touching them
  • added: Shellies and Choompa’s drop loot when hit
  • added: make fireball-cannons destroyable with bombs
  • added: 360 fire turrets
  • added: Slowmotion time when player does a pickup-stance
  • added: Shellies and Choompa spawn count should increase in later levels
  • added: Alchemy – upgrades your bombs, so they can blow up treasure-room doors
  • added: Max-level to weapons
  • added: Weapon max-level status to level-up screen
  • added: tiny Choompa critters
  • added: Cyclo Brothers boss
  • added: code for the Minotaur mini-boss
  • added: slow “boss energy” increase when boss appears (dramatic effect)
  • added: Proper character-select screen
  • added: Time-slowdown to Wizard dodge move
  • added: new Monster Spooky
  • added: Valkyrie character
  • added: Assign gauntlet weapons with controller using 360-degrees method
  • added: Wizard’s use of Magic is more powerful
  • added: Visual changes to the Knife weapon (per level)
  • added: item Wings of Metal
  • added: item Wings of Wood
  • added: item: Blast Protector
  • added: item: Temporal Chest
  • added: item: Shovel of Descent: allows you to dig down to the next floor (skipping boss fight)
  • added: item: Ring of Teleportation – moves you to a random room on current floor
  • changed: Panic button now needs charging, but can be used multiple times
  • changed: cleaned up monster-generation and basic movement code (Re-usable)
  • changed: Screenshake moved to Render instead of World (Framework change)
  • changed: Improved key spawns (treasure room, tiny chests, etc)
  • changed: Improved look of Choompa’s because of Tim’s post 😛
  • changed: tweaked the Axe weapon’s movement some more
  • changed: randomise the boss order
  • changed: Title screen
  • changed: Made active items appear on special pedestal
  • fixed: Shellies shouldn’t drop loot with every hit
  • fixed: destroyable objects sometimdes show statusbar (after room re-entry)
  • fixed: floor-arrows don’t “delay” when in slow-motion mode
  • fixed: getting stuck in walls when moving from room to room
  • fixed: Panic button is not available in “starting room”
  • fixed: mouse cursor remains as visible pointer during gameplay
  • fixed: Player is invinceable when making a pickup-stance
  • fixed: Vertical room has vertical fireball gun on the edges. Should be horizontal
  • fixed: Choompa’s can jump outside the level
  • fixed: Shellies can still get out of the level area. Rare ones even spawn outside of it
  • fixed: weapon mounting doesn’t take into account the “new max” of the weapon
  • fixed: Warrior’s dodge move’s slide is way too long
  • fixed: Huge wall spike pillars don’t pause when player has a Pickup-moment
  • fixed: dungeon-generation endless loop
  • fixed: compass teleportation to vertical/horizontal room should land near door, not room-center
  • fixed: Bomb-count not reset between games
  • fixed: Bosses being massively damaged by a single shield hit
  • fixed: Pickup-flare lasts longer than pickup-stance
  • fixed: Last item not shown in Codex