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Might'n Mow'em Co-Op Survivors Online » More Fire, Mobs and Risk

May Mayhem: More Fire, More Foes, More Challenge

In response to your suggestions, our Firemage now packs double the firepower, hurling fireballs horizontally and vertically, doubling your destructive capabilities.

This firepower comes just in time, as we’ve thoroughly restructured the game balance, redefining attack levels for monsters across all stages to amplify variety and escalate the challenge.

Speaking of challenge, let’s talk about Ultra-Nightmare – our brand new hardcore mode. Play whenever you wish, for as long as you desire, but be warned: the first loss of any run, even an early exit before the scheduled completion, results in the ultimate price. Your character (and save game) will be rendered unplayable, with all Perks lost forever. RIP! This mode is for the bravest daredevils and is designed to be tackled alone in Single-Player mode only.

To assist new players, we’re now providing two informative screens upon first login with any new character. Also, keep an eye out for an additional NPC in the tavern – a fresh addition to the game purely for your amusement.

So, gear up and survive this May – Mow down enemies and grow your might!