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Solaroids » Monthly High Scores – November 2023 / December Challenge

Welcome new and veteran players! Thank you for playing and competing in the :solaroidsS::solaroidsO:ːsolaroidsLːːsolaroidsAː:solaroidsR::solaroidsO::solaroidsI:ːsolaroidsDː:solaroidsS: monthly high score challenge.

Congratulations to all, but I messed up this month! I have to capture the scores before any regular players take a shot for the next month or it clears your score, and I wasn’t able to get the scores in time before that happened (twice). It used to be that I had more time as you would have to beat your last months score or the score would have to age 30 days before it would clear it, but this had its own set of issues so I fixed it. I’m trying to think out how I can automate things so that the game can do the work for me.

That takes us to the November results… I think I have the ranking right below, but the actual scores are lost to me other than for Drakkett Aranthe. I think Vavilenus had something like 9 million from earlier in the month, and I think I saw SirRave with something more along the lines of 500-600k, though I’m fuzzy on that one. Plus I don’t know if you got a last minute round in up until midnight on the 30th. If you know your score, let me know in the group chat and I’ll fix it up. Otherwise, I’ll try and make sure this can’t happen again in the future. Please accept my apology for my mistake.

1st – Vavilenus

A monumental salute to Vavilenus for clinching the coveted top spot this month with an extraordinary score just shy of your all-time best! You are quickly becoming a consistent top player and getting closer and closer to securing a position among the top 20 in the all-time board. It is always great to see your name at the forefront of the monthly leaderboards.

2nd – SirRave

Securing the second place is new player SirRave battling it out with Drakkett Aranthe. Competing with the modern control style, SirRave has showcased their gaming prowess and earned a well-deserved spot among the top players this month. Congratulations on your remarkable performance and keep up the fantastic work in future competitions!

3rd – Drakkett Aranthe / 493,095

Rounding out the top three this month is none other than Drakkett Aranthe with a score of 493,095. Drakkett Aranthe has once again proven their mettle in the game and secured a place among the top players this round. Long live classic controls and congrats! PS: Hi Drakkett!

Note: Only the First Credit leaderboards are used for the monthly challenge.


Chad (kiates)

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