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Solaroids » Monthly High Scores – August 2019

Another month and another set of high scores for Solaroids. Hope everyone is enjoying the hot summer warmth in the northern hemisphere and getting lots of vacations and summer activities in. If you’re down south, hopefully there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and Spring is on its way soon!!

The all-time champs have deferred this month to make way for some of the rising challengers – I didn’t pay them I promise!

Last month Morg556 had achieved a top score of 73M and this month takes the lead slot with their new personal best of almost 138M. Congratulations!!

Come join the (Solaroids Discord Server), exercise some much needed bragging rights, say high to other players, share some tips, and give me your thoughts about what would make the Best Asteroids Style Space Shooter on the planet.

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Cheers and as always Happy Blasting!!

Chad (kiates)