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Deadlink » Minor Update – November 2023

Good morning, Agents!

We are pleased to announce that Maria has successfully uploaded all the missing localization data into the simulation. In the meantime, Rumiko is working diligently to fine-tune the Deadlink protocol, addressing life-threatening bugs and enhancing your overall gaming experience.

🌻 Ukrainian Localization

Thanks to the Vsevolod «Damglador» Stopchanskyi, Ukrainian players can now enjoy Deadlink in their own language, Дуже добре!

  • Added all of the missing localization to the game
  • Fixed gamepad issues in the HUB and the loadout selection screen
  • Fixed issues related to incorrect resource refund rates when using Reset in Deadlink Upgrades
  • Fixed the starting vendor machine inventory after HUB upgrades reset
  • Included the missing music tracks in the Endless Mode
  • Fixed the inaccurate information about wave numbers in the Endless Mode summary screen
  • The Weirding Waypoint now functions as described, with its active state persisting after a single punch
  • Aligned the Culling Radius description with the implant’s behavior
  • Fixed the CBRN Pack fire-rate calculation
  • Fixed issues involving overlapping UI windows during Endless Mode
  • Resynchronized some of the heavy weapons inspect animations with their respective sounds
  • Fixed availability of Intel XeSS
  • Multiple UI layout fixes