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Mechabot Defender » Minor fixes + Changes

Hey everyone, and welcome to new players! This is just a small patch to fix a few bugs and balance issues brought in by the new Major Update.

>Nerfed bullet hose so it no longer instant kills non-boss enemies.

>Bunch of balance changes to enemy formations/spawns

>Defeating the Enforcer now gives all future enemy spawns +2 max health

>Fixed difficulty scaling issue

>Fixed bug where victory screen would get stuck

>Fixed bug where you would receive too many Starchips

>Stopped “Napalm” upgrade showing up when fire upgrades are taken. You must now take an explosive upgrade to add “Napalm” to the upgrade pool

>Fixed bug where the revive screen spawns multiple times

>Fixed bug where your starchips can go into the negative

>There is now a constant blue light underneath the player to make the game more readable

>The Enforcer can no longer be pushed around by the player

>Fixed bug where enemies wouldn’t start spawning on subsequent runs if you had a game over in your last run

>Fixed some weird layering issues

>Removed the enemy kill count from the UI because it was unnecessary and just cluttered the screen

Thanks to everyone that has been playing the game, enjoy the new update!