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Energy Survivors » Minimap

Greetings, fellow mercenaries!

We heard your feedback loud and clear, and we’ve been hard at work preparing an update that will take your intergalactic battles to the next level.

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of the minimap in the lower right corner of your screen! It will display your character’s location, energy drain points, and boxes. But here’s the question: would you prefer the minimap to be enabled for everyone or should we make it an upgrade in the skill tree? And for those hardcore players, would you like an option to turn it off and increase the difficulty?

But wait, there’s more! We’ve also included four new achievements that are related to skill tree progression. Show off your skills and compete against your friends to see who’s the top player.

We’ve made some balancing changes that will shake things up in the game:

* Increased the damage of all spells to make them even more powerful
* Slightly reduced the damage of spawned bullets
* Boosted the Hunter’s ultimate by increasing the damage
* The rifle and shotgun skill tree update inflicted an overly high amount of damage, but it has been mitigated now.

This is our latest update, so get ready to grab your weapons and dive into battle! And don’t forget to send us your suggestions for future improvements so we can work together to make the game even more fun.