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Assault Android Cactus » Mini Update

You may have noticed Assault Android Cactus updating a few times since the last update – after such a long gap we ended up having a few issues that weren’t caught in testing. We think we’re done now though and thank you for your patience!

  • FXAA graphics option
  • Boss spawns in the Campaign
  • Lemon’s rockets against Medulla’s last form
  • Weird issue that could leave a single Wasp unresponsive
  • Missing audio in post credits scene

End of DX9 support

as mentioned in the previous update, due to game engine updates we no longer support DX9 on Windows, only DX11 and OpenGL.

For anyone inconvenienced by this, you can continue using the previous build of the game by right clicking and choosing Properties > Betas and selecting Legacy from the dropdown menu.