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No Reloading: Survival Trials » META Update for Demo

We have had an epic two weeks with the help of the G.Round crew, streamers, and players beating the bejeebers out of the evil goblins!

Haven’t tried the demo yet? This trailer will give you a taste of what you’re missing!

Join the fun in the free demo/prologue on Steam today!


Meta-progression in NO RELOADING focuses on aesthetics and convenience upgrades, not direct power upgrades.

  • Points earned each run can be used to purchase meta-progression upgrades, that stick with you on all future runs. Further reason to be stylish!
  • Until the upgrades are unlocked in meta-progression, they can also appear as normal upgrades.
  • Health Sensor: Adds a health bar over any enemies you look at.
  • First Person Mode: Allows you to enable first-person in options.
  • 3 Choices per Upgrade: You will be given three upgrade choices instead of two.
  • 4 Choices per Upgrade: You will be given four upgrade choices instead of two.
  • 3 Rerolls per Run: Are can reroll your upgrades three times per run.
  • 6 Rerolls per Run: You can reroll your upgrades six times per run.
  • Longer Reach: Can be bought as a meta-progression upgrade.
  • Read Ammunition: See exact ammunition counts of weapons you are holding and on the ground!
  • Lanyard: Hold key without occupying a hand. Also automates key pick-up.
  • Compass: Innate knowledge where the exit is.
  • Roger-Time Not Required: The first upgrade no longer must be Roger-Time.
  • Second Arm: Grants your second arm immediately.
  • Steady: Increased accuracy recovery when crouching.
  • Scavenger: Pressing your reload key automatically picks up nearby ammunition and adds it to the weapon you’re wielding. This upgrade now requires you to have your second arm beforehand.
  • Auto-Scavenger: Roger will automatically reload his weapons when nearby ammunition sources. No free hands necessary!
  • Lucky Magazines: Each weapon Roger picks up has full ammunition.
  • Extended Magazines: Each weapon Roger picks up can hold 50% more ammunition.
  • Wrecking Ball: Each prop destroyed in the environment heals Roger for 1 HP.
  • Glorious Kick: Kicks insta-kills near-death enemies and heal Roger for 25 HP.
  • Tactical Shooter: Increases accuracy recovery when crouching. Heal after 10 seconds of no damage.
  • Slide: Automatically slows down time when looking at an enemy while wielding a ranged weapon.
  • Extended Slide: Doubles the duration of slide.
  • Infinite Slide
  • Roger-Time: Now limited to five seconds of manual bullet-time. Sorry LoiseLives :-P. BUT, it can be upgraded in different ways!
  • Extended Roger-Time: Ten seconds of manual bullet-time.
  • Vengeful Roger-Time: Earn manual bullet-time on kill.
  • Gunslinger: No longer has a charge up time. Instead, it has a cooldown.
  • Super Throw: Now knocks out opponents.
  • Additional Dash Charge
  • Decreased Shoot Dodge Cooldown
  • Speed: Increases Roger’s speed.
  • Ridiculous Speed: Increases Roger’s speed again.
  • Ludicrous Speed: Increases Roger’s speed yet again!
  • Resilience: Increases Roger’s health at the cost of speed.
  • More Resilience: Increases Roger’s health at the cost of speed.
    Player is now taught to combine shoot dodge and sliding to earn more healing on kills.

  • Player is now taught to shoot dodge or slide while dazed to regain accuracy.
  • Player is now taught to get kills with shoot dodge.
  • Giant tips at the start of each level, informing player to use particular stunts more, how to heal, and more.
  • All upgrades now state whether they can increase your healing on kill when used.
  • Heal on Kill combo user interface show will display a dialog reminding players to combine stunts when low on health.
  • A big red animated X now appears when killing targets. No more confusion whether they’re dead!
  • Heal on kills numbers at top left now animate when increasing.
  • User interface text for wielded weapons now animates when picking up new items.
  • Roger now speaks about items being shot out of his hands.
  • Roger now speaks about bumping into enemies.
  • Goblins now react more intelligently: space out more, avoid friendly fire, run away when close to Roger.
  • Ammunition for weapons Roger is wielding is displayed as a percentage, until they get the Read Ammunition upgrade.
  • Knocked out targets now show sleepy Zs over their head, instead of the spinning stars. Spinning stars still appear when dazed.
  • Now provide better upgrade recommendations.
  • Upgrades user interface how includes more information per upgrade, such as cool-down times and more.
  • Shoot dodge, slide, and reroll counts now appear in statistics panel when applicable.
  • Disabled over-shoulder zoom when shooting.
  • Keybindings now show duplicate keys in red text.
  • Controls user interface now says, “Throw EMPTY X,” to ensure player knows they can throw an empty weapon, opposed to a loaded weapon.
  • Added several additional “pro tips” on level completion window.
  • Added run points beside level points on level completion window.
  • Increased size of contextual control prompts.
  • Distinct New Game versus Continue Game buttons in main menu.
  • Fixed poison stew objective not triggering in Mess Halls.
    Fixed bug preventing some goblins from shooting consistently. End result is that all goblins shoot more often now, and are less likely to deal friendly fire!
  • Tactical dual wield and gunslinger can now target through doorways.
  • Tactical dual wield and gunslinger can now target through broken glass.
  • Tactical dual wield and gunslinger now function even when shoot dodging, sliding, or performing other movement stunts.
  • Tactical dual wield will no longer “control” Roger’s guns after tactical dual wield has finished.
  • Can no longer shoot your own guns or your own projectiles.
  • CRT filter option was not applied to all scenes.
  • Less likely to dodge through walls.