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Raining Blood: Hellfire » Merry Christmas! Beta v 0.8.4 is now live!

Seasonal Touch: Christmas Decorations

Immerse yourself in the holiday season with the introduction of Christmas-themed decorations throughout the game environment.

Enhanced Power-Up Retrieval Mechanism

Power-ups now exhibit improved dynamics, gravitating towards the player for enhanced accessibility and engagement.

Optimized Power-Up Text

The textual display upon power-up acquisition has been refined for better clarity and informativeness. Additionally, a previously identified freezing issue upon collecting power-ups has been addressed.

Bug Resolution: Persistent Enemy Actions Post-Player Defeat

Rectified a critical bug where enemies continued to inflict and receive damage, as well as execute attacks after the player’s character had been defeated. This bug also caused disruptive visual effects on the death screen.

Expanded Safe Zone Implementation

Implemented an enlarged safe zone around the player character to mitigate the occurrence of enemies spawning in close proximity, ensuring a more balanced gameplay experience.

Spawn Delay Adjustment

Enemies will now take a slightly longer duration before initiating their spawn, providing players with a brief respite

Camera Shake Refinement

Resolved instances of excessive camera shake during explosive events, ensuring a more controlled and visually comfortable gaming experience.