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Elewar: Fused Survivors » Megapatch has arrived – New content awaits!

A little over a month ago Elewar: Fused Survivors was released on steam. I’ve got tons of feedback and received very kind words from you all, thank you sincerely!

We have even managed to get to 43 reviews and new players slowly discover the game for themselves due to it! I greatly appreciate all of you and will continue to deliver great updates 😀

Have fun!


New Content

  • added a new unlock to get access to holy spells
  • implemented a fusion system to upgrade specific spells to epic rarity
  • added 5 epic spell variants
  • implemented the 3rd realm: Heaven
  • One of the specialties of Heaven, which you will love: On winning a run in Heaven realm your character class will upgrade to it’s next “Evolution level”. Every class will have their own unique modifiers as well as very desired generic upgrades added to them on clearing Heaven Realm
  • Evolution levels for classes: clearing Heaven Realm on Trial 0 will advance your Class to Evolution level 1, to get to the 2nd evolution level, you will need to conquer Heaven on Trial1 etc.
  • implemented 5 evolution level – modifiers for every class. The first two are unique to the class
  • implemented the 4th Realm: Darkness
  • introducing a new high end currency: Mythril
  • new crafting option which uses mythril: “reroll all mods of an item, all resulting mods will be of legendary rarity”
  • new crafting option which uses mythril: “Adds or rerolls the secret slot modifier
  • once unlocked there is a once in a run chance for an Epic rarity relic to spawn, those are much stronger than their original versions
  • added 4 new categories of unlocks (But you gotta unlock those first ːsteammockingː)
  • created over 90 new unlocks
  • added 25 new upgrades
  • added 6 new relics, with synergistic effects because its fun to find strong combos
  • added a new mob type
  • added a new basic prophecy: Clean Up. Convert all hearts to utility level-ups
  • added 2 new highscore categories

QOL (Quality of life changes):
  • added a shield bar under the character lifebar, this one rescales depending on the amount of shield you have and gets much larger if you have lots of shield
  • you can now sell items faster by holding the E-key and left clicking on the item (careful, there is no confirm prompt when doing this) []
  • added a tooltip to also explain the selling shortcut ingame
  • you can now lock an item from being selled, those will be marked with an X in inventory
  • future boots items now highlight their negative mods in red (currently owned ones will not highlight)
  • you can now see what perks are banished from appearing again when you pick them
  • you can now see the maximum number a prophecy can be taken until it is banished from the run
  • added a new crafting option for weapons: add a legendary mod (Slightly more expensive than doing the load/add method, but so much faster)
  • added some custom sorting to the spell selection at the start (-> loading will now be in the same order)
  • added the option to lock an element and its current spells, those will not change when rerolling the starting spell selection
  • added a “current quest” label to the crafting menu to tell the player what he has to do to unlock better crafting/drop options

  • upgrades are now cheaper at the beginning, more expensive at the end
  • buffed xp formula for lategame
  • lowered the dodge cap to 80% (88% with the limitbreak relic)
  • elites now gain 5% damage multiplier for every 20 seconds of their lifetime
  • for every 90 seconds of their lifetime, bosses multiply their dmg stat by 40%
  • Blessing with the delay for skills now rewards you by doubling your activation range of all skills
  • relic of trickiness gives 3 lvl per magnet
  • relic of greed now gives a magnet every 1000 kills instead of 800
  • relic of nimis now adds +50% dmg
  • relic of wholeness now increases dmg by 50% when not inflicting a status ailment
  • relic of agility increases dodge by 50%, you are scorched if effect is activated
  • relic of transcendence now gives 140 shield per heart
  • relic of opposites: additionally gives “Your relics will treat you as if you were always standing.”
  • added a soft/hard cap for skill duration perks (stronger diminishing returns after 500% duration)
  • dot damage capped at 20 dot damage ticks per second out of 1 single multicast (0.05 sec application time) (So with 10 dot fields you still do 200 dmg ticks per second at max). Probably 0 difference to before for 99.9% of builds.
  • proc perks can now only be taken once (Per type of proc perk) and will not appear afterwards
  • laser hell prophecy now rewards 2 lvls per magnet instead of 4
  • slightly tweaked trial modifiers

Most of the spells gained some power or stayed the same.
Additionally I shifted some multicasts from spells to their rarities (So they are weaker on normal rarity and same or stronger on magic+ rarity)

  • Icicle Ruination:
    gains +1 multicast at magic rarity
    100% more dmg instead of 50% more dmg on legendary
  • Blazing Spot:
    1 less multicast overall
    now gains 2 multicast on magic
    now gains 3 multicast on rare
    now gains 4 multicast on legendary
  • Fireball:
    1 less multicast overall
    now gains 2 multicast on magic
    now gains 4 multicast on rare
    increased cooldown by about 10%
  • Flaring Presence:
    gains 10% more duration on magic
  • Lightning Laser:
    loses 1 multicast overall
    gains 40% aoe on rare
    gains 2 multicasts on magic
    gains 4 multicasts on legendary
  • Erratic Bolt:
    gains 1 multicast on rare
    gains 100% more dmg on legendary
    now has 10% chance for status (before 15%), which makes it much easier to deal more dmg with this skill
    dmg efficiency increased by 25%
  • Chain Shock:
    now starts with 3 default targets
    all rarity target increases now increased by 2
  • Piercing Arrow:
    now gains 4 multicast on rare
    now gains 7 multicast on legendary
    now gains 3 pierce on legendary

Small fixes and adjustments:
  • updated most of the UI elements in the game, made borders cleaner, normalized dialog windows for stuff like prophecies or potential rifts. Also changed the default skill slot options to be in the top left, right under the healthbar in half size (Can be changed in the settings)
  • added some small main menu animations for mythril drops
  • implemented a “unlock countdown” for newer players
  • in special circumstances its now possible to get the same relic twice
  • nerfed flat damage mods of weapons to miniscule values (To make it very clear that those are the worst outcomes of item crafting)
  • buffed weapon crafting by making flat damage mods not be able to appear as a legendary mod
  • fixed a really sneaky and rare bug that caused the game to crash upon hovering over an “bug infected” item + implemented a fix for infected items to be made valid again
  • added a scroll bar to the crafting menu, in case where the number of crafting options is so large that they got offscreen
  • prepared the highscore reset, statistics relevant to the highscores are reset to 0 (all items, unlocks and upgrades will remain)
  • added a page counter to the highscores page
  • indirect damage now also counts towards the damage dealt statistic
  • fixed the UI cooldown bug when Inability was active (Doubled cooldown was shown black)
  • slightly improved the looks of the background map
  • fixed a bug where the UI for gold drop was not disappearing if those spawned when the game was under 15 fps
  • updated relic of handycap’s text