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Vilde » Meet Vilde’s New Residents

Greetings, brave souls and occasional Draugr sympathizers! Welcome to the first Vilde dev blog. We’ve dropped hints on Twitter, but now it’s time to venture deeper. Today, we’re introducing new characters and a sneak peek at potential weaponry.

Meet the Draugr

First up, we’ve got the Draugr. What’s a Norse-inspired world without a couple of undead folks wandering around, right?

Say Hello to the Huldufolk

Next, the elusive Huldufolk add a touch of magic and mystery to Vilde’s dark realms. She’s ready to add another layer of intrigue to your adventure in Vilde.

Vilde, our main character

Our hero, Vilde, is fierce and ready for battle. In our FPS, you may not see her much, but every glimpse will be epic.

Armory Updates

Finally, a peek at future firepower! Sketches for a misty crossbow, fire shield and a sniper rifles are in the works. Norse-inspired weapons take time, but they’ll be worth the wait.

Got a creative weapon idea? Don’t hold back! We’re all ears for your suggestions. After all, who better to craft Vilde’s armory than the warriors who’ll wield them? Your wait will be rewarded.