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Tight Ride » Massive Weapon Rework – 12 August 2023

Hey there, hope you liked our free demo.
In addition to it, we have been working on something else.

We reworked most of the weapons and their evolution to make the game feel more like Reverse Bullet Hell. Here are most notable changes:

Turret – instead of one direction it can shoot in up to 5, depending on the upgrade lvl. This also affects Piercing Turret.

Minigun – doesn’t autotarget anymore. It only shoots in front of the car, so you have to keep it in mind while operating the vehicle.

Vacuum Bomb – grows in size depending on the upgrade lvl + it auto collects all the XP shards and brings them to you.

Shrapnel – instead of just exploding once, it stays in the same place and shoots projectiles multiple times.

Prism Laser – chain attacks enemies if they are close by.

Boomerang – multiple boomerangs are added with upgrade lvl. This also affects Curved Blades and Shuriken.

Drone – multiple drones are added with upgrade lvl. This affects all drones.

And now we are in dire need of your feedback.
Are we moving in the right direction?
Should we even touch weapons or were they better before?
Is it worth investing more time into such changes or should we focus on content only?

Tell us what you think in Steam Discussions or in Discord