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Rogue Tower » March of the Monsters!

There be Monsters!
34 New Monsters!

Many monsters have heard about the disturbance the Rogue Tower is causing and are coming to say their piece. With nearly triple the original number of monsters, this update also adds a new spawning system which will make every run even more different and give the player more things to strategize around.

6 New Ooogies!

With each new horde of monsters comes with a new reincarnation of Ooogie! Each Ooogie will test different parts of your defenses, so make sure to prepare once you know which Ooogie you will face!


Past level 15, every new type of enemy will spawn a mini-boss on the following level. These mini-boss versions of the monster will be much harder to kill making them a true test if your defenses are up to the challenge these monsters present. They pack a punch to the tower, though are not an instant game over if you do fail to stop them. Additionally, there is a chance they may drop some loot making it all the more important that you defeat them! But watch out, these mini-bosses don’t take the scenic routes that Ooogie does. Instead, they prefer to find the shortest path to their destination!

New Challenge Mode!

The piece de la resistance for this update is the new March of the Monsters challenge mode. This mode brings two whole new levels to strategizing your defense. First, you will be forced to choose monster cards every round! These monster cards will grant all monsters bonuses and buffs making them harder to defeat. Which buffs you choose to give them will become very important as you get farther, so pick carefully! However, the monsters are not the only ones who get cards. Every level when you draw cards in this challenge mode you will instead get to draw 2 cards! Who knows what crazy build combinations you can pull off with double the cards?!

Additional Changes & Reworks

Though this patch is mainly introducing new monster based mechanics, the following are some of the changes made to the rest of the game.
-Reworked Haunted Houses. Haunted houses no longer consume mana and instead grant gold per level based on your tower’s maximum health.
-Damage tracker updated to show percentages for each damage category.
-Lookout now accurately tracks its damage contribution in the damage tracker.
-Ballista base price reduced from 50g to 10g.
-Ballista scaling price increased from +10g/level to +15g/level.
-Fixed bug that sometimes caused double waves to spawn in edge cases.