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Doomsday Survivors » March 15 V1.1 version update content

Thank you for your support to our game and put forward many useful suggestions and bugs that we have not found before.
Since I used Google Translate to reply, sometimes the tone of the translation may be offensive, but this is not my intention, so please forgive me if the tone of the translation is offensive. I would like to express my deep apologies to players who have encountered bugs. We will deal with the bugs and feedback we have received as soon as possible.

update content:
1. Reduce the difficulty of Zombie Crow
2. Fix the bug that “Phil” cannot activate “Valentin” at level 66
3. Optimize some description problems in English language
4. Newly added character “Great Sage”
5. Optimize the logic and blood volume of some bosses

Known bugs:
A few players encounter abnormal game UI and cannot play the game normally.
A few players encounter abnormal acceleration of monsters and cannot play normally.

We are investigating and repairing the above problems, and we will synchronize the repair results as soon as possible!
Thank you again for your support to the game, and I am sorry for players who encountered bugs or other bad experiences. We will listen to your feedback and optimize the game.
If you have any questions or suggestions, you can join Discord: