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Choo Choo Survivor » Making awesome progress on the new Level: Army of the Dead!

Hello Choo Choo Engineers,

I’m making great progress on the next level, Army of the Dead! Here’s a screen grab of what the new level looks like.

I’ve also developed a new weapon which is the missile launcher which rapidly fires missiles. While these missiles inflict low damage they have some area of effect, they move fast and the rate of fire is fast, and they have awesome knock back making them a new awesome weapon against the zombie horde!

Also some more locomotives will be coming to the game so that you can use the new missile launcher weapon of course!

Other quality of life changes that will be coming are:

  • For every 30 levels gained you can select one of three relics or you can pick none of them if you really don’t want to take one.
  • When a speed debuff wears off your locomotive cruise control will revert back to the speed you set it at! It’s nice to not have to reset the cruise control because of those nasty debuff zombies!
  • A second mysterious shipping container will be present at the 75% journey mark that spawns two special bosses for extra fun and tons more resources!

When I’ve completed everything for the next update I’ll publish it. My target is early November but at my current rate of progress it could be earlier than that! Oh yeah and lots more Steam achievements are coming as well!