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Rogue Soulstone » Major Update v0.4.009: New Weapons!

Another week has passed and another update is here! Version v0.4.009 is by far the largest update yet, and brings with it tons of quality of life improvements and more importantly: Weapon Crafting!

This update has been focused on adding new content for all of the characters through craftable weapons. They change the character’s skills, attributes and can drastically change your playstyle. In addition to that, we finally added the so long asked list of power-ups you collected during a run, which can be seen and hovered over in the pause menu! Without further ado, here is the full change list:

Key changes:
– Weapon Crafting: use materials collected in your runs to craft powerful weapons to customise your favourite characters;
– Collect Power Up List: view the power ups you collected in a run, and hover over them in the Pause screen to view details!
– Harvest Minerals: destroy mineral nodes during runs to collect ores and rare gems used for crafting;
– Performance Improvements: enemies and debris are now cleaned from the arena automatically. Debris are cleaned after 5 seconds, enemies will remain for 30 seconds after being slain, to give you a chance to throw them into the void for health;

New spells:
– Heavy Strike (Spellbreaker, new weapon): Slow attack that strikes targets in a large area in front of you causing 40 damage and applying Bleed.
– Ground Slam (Spellbreaker, new weapon): Hit the ground with a powerful strike, causing 50 damage to enemies in a large area in front of you, applying Bleed and Stun.
– Fiery Missiles (Arcane Weaver, new weapon): While the attack is channelled, you automatically launch fiery missiles that seek ALL nearby targets, dealing 5 damage and applying Burn.
– Fire Pillar (Arcane Weaver, new weapon): Summons a fire pillar at the target position, dealing 10 damage, applying Burn and spreading the strongest Burn effects in any of the targets, to all of the targets, refreshing the duration.
– Spread Shot (Lone Hunter, new weapon): Fires 10 arrows in a short-range with a large spread, dealing 15 damage per arrow.
– Disengage (Lone Hunter, new weapon): Throw an icy bomb right in front of you, dealing 60 damage and applying Chilled to enemies, also pushing you back to escape.

Balance changes:
– Slash: damage increased from 35 to 45;
– Unbreakable: this is now a Rare Power Up, up from Uncommon;
– All Damage over time effects removed from enemy skills;

Alexi, the Plaguebearer:
– Health reduced from Tier 2 onwards;
– Poison Bomb no longer applies poison if you step in the area, instead, if will damage you quickly while you stand in the area;

Other changes:
– Frostbolt can now be cast by holding the attack button;
– Fixed issue where projectiles would “pull” enemies towards you, instead of pushing them away as intended;
– Added Restart button to the End Game screen;
– Added Rarity colors to the Level Up screen, making it clearer which power-ups are rare or not;
– Tons of new sounds effects and atmosphere improvements;
– Fixed issue with controller icons for skills being displayed incorrectly;
– Fixed issue where some enemies would die, but stay standing;
– Fixed issue where projectiles could fly in weird angles, now should always go straight;
– Fixed issue where the projectile camera could be forcefully set to be too close. Restoring the camera to defaults will fix the issue;
– Fixed navigation issues in both maps, now enemies should be able to move more smoothly;
– Tons of other small changes including UI, fixes, etc;

We hope you enjoy this update which is the largest update to date, and do let us know what you think in the community or Discord!
Best wishes,
Dev team