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Vampire Hunters » Major Update – Update #9 Hotfix #1

Hello Hunters,

I hope you are having a blast with the new update!
Over here, we are certainly enjoying seeing the fights for the highest score!
We’re dropping this hotfix to fix some issues reported by our players:


  • Fixed a bug the was causing the ricochet to act randomly most of the time.
  • Removed the SAMGUN MASTER achievement that was unreachable.
  • Changed the HUD Hints for jumping with the gamepad to A/X.
  • Weapon’s light and muzzle VFX are being dimmed down a bit as you stack a lot of weapons.
  • Improved our log report.
  • Dimmed down a bit the projectile flow and trail from Minigun and Rifle.
  • Improved the aiming from Dragoon secondary weapon (now working like the Deathray).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the SAM Gun to start counting its cooldown time before completing the shot.
  • Fixed Minigun character level 3 text.
  • Fixed a bug with Contact Power that was giving more power than expected.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not showing the currently playing music on the music selection.

And as always, have a nice hunt!