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Bowerwhelm » Major Update on Bowerwhelm

First of all, thank you all folks! For making it possible for us to make a game and release it on Steam. We’ve got too much feedback from the initial version. Some of you guys were suggested skils, some of them said that they’re getting crazy with the hardness of the game. Overall feedbacks were really incredibly useful for me to understand how should I approach the next update. So as a result of the community’s feedback, the biggest update is live!!! Welcome to the Realm Of Boweria

12 New Skills

  • Lightning Strike (Strikes random enemies, with more strikes per level)
  • Eye Beaminator 3000 (Flying eye beams that focus on random enemies and cooldown per level)
  • Rain of Arrows (Arrows falling from the sky with cooldown reduction per level)
  • Circle of Arrows (More arrows drawn in a circle as you level up)
  • Defense (Increased damage reduction percentage per level)
  • Kamikaze Paperplanes (Paper planes that explode as they reach the enemy, with spawn rate increasing per level)
  • Bribery (Diplomatic enemy cannons that shoot projectiles, with more cannons per level)
  • Shuriken (Constantly throwing shurikens from behind, with faster spawn speed per level)
  • Desert Eagle (A gun that shoots bullets on the left side of the screen, with faster attack speed per level)
  • Chain Lightning (Deals damage to a fixed number of nearby enemies with diminishing damage per bounce, the number of bounces increases with level)
  • Toxic Arrow (Similar to Blaze with additional poison effect)
  • Gatling Gun (Thanks to inf3ri)

7 New Permanent Upgrade

  • Continuous Stretch & Fire (Purchase once)
  • Reroll Chance (Available every 5th level)
  • Revive Opportunity (Available every 2nd level)
  • Power Shot (Deal 2x-4x damage when fully charged)
  • Defense (Reduce damage by 10% per level)
  • Faster Stretching (10% increase in stretching speed per level)
  • Gift (Start with an extra skill)

2 New Maps;

  • Loot Lair: a farming map for experienced players.
  • God’s Universe: Hardest map ever done…

3 New Enemy Types

  • Dice: Little frustrating jumping cubes
  • Barrel: Crawler enemies on ground
  • Medic: A nightmare for hard maps

Here are the the topics on gameplay and user experience;

  • Improved inventory and deck navigation
  • Added fandom Wikipedia page to get more informed about skill combinations
  • Changelog screen to main menu
  • Nashved, the ultimate mentor for players…
  • Tutorials on main pages
  • Dynamically balance adjusting to make it feel less silly when starting all over again
  • Automatically chooses gold when no available skill (you guys wanted it too much
  • Deck load-outs for premade decks