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Vampire Hunters » Major Update – Guns, lots of Guns

Hello Hunters,

Vampire Hunters is all about wielding an absurd amount of weapons to destroy hordes of enemies in the most awesome way. So, there’s nothing better than a Major Update focusing on new weapons to celebrate the core of the game!

We couldn’t be more excited with this update. Besides the new weapons, Vampire Hunters has gotten way better to play due to all the polishing we’ve done. Your feedback has been paramount to the game’s improvements, and you can be sure we are going to keep pushing Vampire Hunters to an absurd level.

We are already working on a new map for the Survivors Mode, and it will be in our next Major Update! Besides all the polishing, we are also working on tons of new content for you to play – that’s been the two main pillars of our Early Access!

Before we delve into the details, let’s have a brief summary of the major changes:

  • Added 15 ridiculously awesome new weapons to the Survivors Mode!

  • Older weapons look more absurd!
  • New screen shake and weapon recoil.
  • New super cool enemy “explode on death” animation.
  • Visual/lighting improvements to the map.

  • Characters’ prestige bonus rebalanced to remove the negative stats.
  • Visual cooldown for the alternative shots.
  • Indication of weapons and relics stats progression in the level-up screen.

  • Leaderboard is reset! (You can access the older score in the game). We’ll announce in the next couple of days a super cool contest, so keep an eye on the announcements.
  • And a lot of polishing, bug fixing, and overall improvements.


New Content:

New Weapons:

All new weapons are available in the Survivors Mode Level Up pool. You won’t need to unlock any achievement to start playing with the new weapons in this Major Update. Once we release the new map, all new primary weapons will become characters (so you can start your run with them – in this update, you can only get them during the run). Just another note, some of the new weapons will be unlocked via achievements once we release the new map, but for now, they are all unlocked!

Check out the full list:

  • Pirate Cannon: Perfect for those playing the free version of the game. Shoot cannonballs with physics!
  • Killerfrost: You know that annoying super-fast Werewolf? Now we can cool him down a bit.
  • Dragoon: Celebrate the New Year with this dragon made of fireworks.
  • Pewgun: It goes pew pew faster and faster each time. You are no Doctor but you’ll be very well armed.
  • Statikola: The drunken cousin of the Electric Chain, perfect for causing some cheap area damage.
  • Lightbringer: To bring light to the beings of darkness. No wives were harmed in the forging of this weapon.
  • Death Ray: Cut enemies with a deadly laser.
  • Cursed Sword: The sword is hungry, and you need to feed it with the blood of your enemies. With each death, the Cursed Sword becomes more powerful due to the new Imbue perk.
  • Phoenix: Nothing like a second chance to die once more.
  • Shield Generator: Introducing the shield mechanic. Press at the right moment and ensure a good chance of survival.
  • SAM Gun: For all missile fans.
  • Elemental Pistol: Essentially the Avatar of weapons.
  • Catapult: Helps to pick off those hordes from a distance while other weapons deal with the frontline.
  • Thunderstroke: Keep the hordes at a safe distance.
  • Living Chainsaw: Demons can possess objects, and this one has become the best anti-boss weapon.

Older Weapons:
  • New projectile visual for the Pulse Gun and Crucibow.
  • Crucifix Boomerang movement looks way cooler.
  • New projectile particles for the Shotgun.
  • Added text to indicate the number of pallets from the Shotgun.
  • Increased the number of pellets of the Shotgun from 8 (16) to 16 (32), reduced damage per pellet accordingly.
  • New trail and projectiles for the SMG, Machine Gun, Rifle, Sniper, Minigun, Elemental Rifle, and Pistol.
  • Muzzle flash improvements.
  • New trail effect for the Orb.

  • New super cool enemy “explode on death” animation.
  • New screen shake and weapon recoil. Players also have an option in Settings to increase or decrease the screen shake and weapon recoil effects.
  • Added an option to play random music during your run in the Survivors Mode – instead of just one song looping.
  • Massive Green now summons Nijam with green skin.
  • New impact VFX for bullets.
  • Added “Range” upgrade to Pulse Gun card Level 4 and 5.
  • Added attack and stun animations to Mentodie.
  • Added Raven SFX when spawning, killing, and hitting.
  • Added weapons’ perks tooltips to the Pause Screen.

  • Huge improvements to the visual and lighting of Village Yard map – it looks way better.
  • Rebalanced the character’s prestige bonus to remove the negative stats.
  • Skullship boss is a bit bigger and improved its headshot’s collider.
  • Jump is now “A” in the gamepad.
  • Retry and Back are now “X” and “B” in the gamepad.
  • Improved how our save system works to avoid incompatibility and other issues.
  • We’ve improved how the relics rarity system works in Survivors Mode. This way makes rarer relics appear more often in the Level Up Screen, especially in the early levels.
  • Visual indication for when the weapon is gaining an extra reward due to the “luck” stat.
  • Visual indication for weapons and relics stats progression in the level-up screen.
  • Added a “time between shots” system where semi-auto weapons received a very small fire rate. We’ve implemented this system to avoid exploits using macros.
  • Better player log system. This way we can quickly find an error the player is reporting using the log.
  • Visual cooldown indicator for the alternative shots.
  • Removed the Netherman animation that looks like he’s about to shoot at you.
  • Tweaked some Constellations score multipliers to reflect better the difficulty to play with each Constellation.
  • Added text on the achievements to indicate if it’s from the Survivors or Classic Mode.
  • Improved Pulse Gun’s projectile collider.
  • Crucifix Boomerang is more powerful.
  • Glass Cannon rebalanced: Glass Cannon damage +20% Damage, +10% Fire Rate, -25% MAX HP, -20% Armor.
  • You can only get one Glass Cannon per run.
  • Improved Colonnade lighting.
  • Improved Blessed Lightning behavior in Survivors Mode.
  • Improved Orb’s behavior in the Survivors Mode.
  • Improved the Electrify VFX.
  • Improved some weapons’ descriptions.
  • Now you don’t get more than two Contracts at a time in the Level Up Screen.
  • The Purifying Potion only shows up in the Level Up Screen when there’s an active Contract.
  • Tweaked flamethrower slow effect, making it more powerful.
  • Tweaked how the burn effect works, making it more powerful.
  • Added a delay when closing and interacting with the Level Up Screen so you don’t end up picking an item by accident.
  • We’ve made the Resolver more powerful.
  • We’ve adjusted the Frog speed.
  • Changed Iron Boots relic from -10% speed -> -5% speed in Survivors Mode.
  • Slay X monsters achievements in Classic Mode now require: 1k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k kills.
  • We’ve made some fine adjustments to some enemies’ colliders.
  • Changed the description from the achievement “Survive 30 minutes with 10 characters” to “Survive a total of 30”.
  • The only active Collection achievement is the one that required 50 items.
  • Removed the achievements that required levels 25 and 30 in Classic Mode.
  • Weapon Projectile trails now keep playing after the projectile detonation.
  • Improved Enchanted Health Potion relic text in Classic Mode.
  • Changed cat heal from 1 to 5.
  • Fixed a small area of Massive Green’s invisible wall collider blocking projectiles.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where you went back to Classic Mode’s Menu and there was some background VFX playing in it.
  • Improved an issue when jumping while going downhill.
  • Fixed a navigation issue on the Results Screen.
  • Fixed an issue where “luck” was not being applied to some level 5 weapons.
  • Fixed crucifix boomerang alternative shot not working on level 4.
  • Fixed a bug where passive weapons were not showing DPS on the Results Screen.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not select Stage V in Classic Mode with a gamepad.
  • Fixed a bug where weapons were shooting during Batilla’s intro animation.
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s “hit” animation was not playing during Batilla’s intro.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not select Constellations in Classic’s Mode Stage Selection.
  • Fixed a bug where the Werewolf Crawling was not pausing its animation when frozen.
  • Fixed a bug where the alternative shot cooldown was not resetting when using Overcharge.
  • Fixed a bug where the right-hand weapon was not updating its position at the start of the game, after the cutscene animation.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Resolution” option (from Settings Screen) wasn’t being stored in the save.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Full Screen” option (from Settings Screen) wasn’t being stored in the save.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Quality” setting wasn’t being stored in the save.
  • Fixed the misspelled “Blessed Lightning” to “Blessed Lightning.”
  • Fixed the misspelled “An Boss” to “A Boss.”
  • Global settings are now working properly.
  • “Enemy Health Bar” setting option now appears only in the Survivors Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Escape in the balloon” message appeared at 30:00 instead of 29:57.
  • Fixed “Taurus” and “Chameleon” interaction.
  • Fixed Trail Bullet Piercing going through walls.
  • Fixed Ripper level 3 alternative shot.

Quality of Life:
  • Optimized the “low” quality in Settings, so players can greatly improve performance by changing the game to “low”.
  • Added an option in Settings so players can change the LOD (level of detail) of the enemies’ animation. This can also improve the game’s performance when necessary.
  • Changed the default FOV from 60 to 70 and the default Weapon Position from 0 to 0.15. You can always change back to 60 and 0 (like the older version) in the Settings.
  • Added new UI animations to Achievement Reward Screen.
  • Added new UI animations to Results Screen.
  • Improved the Level Up Screen UI to work better on the Steam Deck.
  • Added an option for resolution “5120×1440”.

We can’t wait for you to jump back into Vampire Hunters and experience all the new content and improvements.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us! You can use Steam Discussions or our Discord Channel:

And as always, have a nice hunt!