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Emorrior » Major update for demo of Emorrior.

Hello everyone,

We’re very excited to announce that we will be taking part in the upcoming Steam NEXT Fest, starting on June 13th
The next demo and have a lot of new features (and a lot of bug-fixing, of course), and we can’t wait for you to try it.

What new?

We have 2 new types of modules:

  • Creator Module
  • Infantry Module
Creator Module

This is a type of module that focuses on generating minions. Each minion will have different behavior and features.
The new modules are:

  • Toru-Toru Module
  • Bomber Module
  • Artillery Module
Infantry Module

This is a type of module that specializes in dealing with nearby enemies. Has a large amount of damage.
The new modules are:

  • Legion Module
  • Boomerang Module
  • Axeman Module
Level up

You are now able to upgrade the module. When each module is updated, it will become stronger in a different way. You can only upgrade a module by dragging a level 1 module onto the module in use.

Less action, more features

Remove the Q and E buttons. Most modules will now have their own activation conditions.

New Enemy

Add 2 types of elite enemies with different skillset.


The HP of all modules has been greatly increased compared to before.
All of the rooms have been redesigned to better fit the new design.

GUI Updated

We have redrawn and edited the game to make it more beautiful, hope you will like it.
Added enough to display information of all modules.

Game feel and sound

We’ve made a lot of changes to the game’s feel to make it more enjoyable for players. There are also minor sound tweaks that improve your overall experience.