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Broodstar » Major Update #4 – Version 1.4.0 – Full Release

Hi everyone!

Another update coming your way delivering some exciting content and changes.
The update will drop next week on Wednesday, until then the notes for the update are below:

  • Reworked and rebalanced several existing Modules
  • Rebalanced some of the Weapons/Subweapons
  • Added many new Bosses
  • Added new Enemies
  • Added new Modules
  • Reworked and adjusted several enemy behaviour and patterns
  • Added a new Stage Modifier
  • Added a new Challenge – Endless Mode
  • Reworked Score Multiplier
  • Added new shop and title assets.
  • Added new SFX
  • Added new Achievements
  • Added Unlockable Cosmetic Skins
  • Added Codex
  • Slightly adjusted the tutorial

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several minor issues

While this update will be considered the first one going into Full Release, we still have some interesting
content on the way, so keep an eye out for those too!

Once again, thank you to our community and to everyone else for all the support and love you’ve showed the game.
We couldn’t have made it this far without all of you.