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Radio Silent » Major Update 1.2

Hello friends, Update 1.2 has finally arrived and the changes are as follows:

  • All Monster/Boss Health and Damage Scaling has been reduced.
  • Mission Board has been added as well as 3 Missions.
  • Plasma and Medic Turrets have been added with associated Battery Power sources. Turrets act as super abilities and can be deployed/retrieved at will once unlocked.
  • Drone and Grenade Ability base damage has been increased to bring them up to the Laser Beam Ability’s level.

I wanted to give the player more tools to unlock and add to their arsenal so I’ve implemented the Turret System to greatly turn the battle in the player’s favor in key moments. The Turrets have limited power and must be recharged with batteries found in crates around the map.

The Mission board will serve as a funnel for most new update content to be accessed and unlocked and gives the player alternative ways to earn currency.

Thank you all for your suggestions, I will be looking to improve the Death Screen Statistics in the next patch and possibly add new equipment/classes. I hope you all enjoy the new additions and look forward to hearing your feedback!