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Razerwire: Nanowars » Major Update 1.07 – Full controller support

  • Added Full controller support, Game and Menu
  • Changed the naming system for new profiles to allow use in Big Picture
  • Shortened the duration of the Nanoblade (tiers 2 and 3)

Dear Razewires, the time has come for a big update.

Lots of you asked for a fully supported game controller build of RWNW, and here we are!

Personally I think think that having been born with mouse in mind as a controller, the game is quite harder with controller, even though after a while that I was playing with it I started loving it. But on the other hand, I am SO BAD with the controller, that I hardly represent a standard user 😀

But that said, now it’s in, you can choose to use it or not, your pick (Just go to the settings menu and select the controller type). The big cool thing is that you can now play from your sofa 😛

The naming of a new profile has now been automated, so that you can use the game from Big Picture without having to use the keyboard at all.
As part of the balancing, the nanoblade has been slightly underpowered by reducing its duration according to some of the latest user feedback.

I am gonna be away for one week guys, I am back on the 18th. If any problem, write me, post, etc, but I don’t know if I will be able to answer until that day! Have a blast!

Hogan, @DokHgn