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Biters and Bullets: Prologue » Major Update 0.6.0

In this major update we’ve revamped pretty much everything. Boring upgrades have been removed and more fun/interesting ones have been added. The game is very much played the same, but there is a ton more chaos and mayhem in the end-game. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Bug fixes / Additions / Improvements

  • Pretty much all powerups have been dramatically buffed
  • Bunch of optimization and balancing
  • Added max limit to how many wizards can be active simultaneously
  • Added warning signs under ghosts (so that they can be seen through buildings)
  • All XP gems are now looted when the timer has reached 0
  • Added coin reward for killing the final boss
  • Added attack speed and crit chance per weapon upgrades
  • Removed range and bullet velocity upgrades from weapons
  • Added two new weapon boosts: Tesla coil – Lightning strikes and Drone – Flamethrower (completely reworked)
  • Renamed some stuff that could be found offensive