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Biters and Bullets: Prologue » Major Update 0.5.0

Thank you for playing and providing us feedback!
Please let us know if you find any bugs or have suggestions on how we can improve the game further.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fps is now capped for better performance
  • Sawblade sometimes became invisible if equipped when in car/spikeball
  • Decreased mini-boss HP
  • Added 3840×2160 as supported resolution
  • Base pick-up range increased
  • Split Supply Box so mini-bosses drop Weapon Crates that only containing weapon boosts, and the Supply Box only contain rare items
  • Added ammo counter for primary weapon
  • Added cooldown visual for passive weapons
  • Added some new weapon boosts
  • Decreased attack range for all enemies (especially mini-bosses)
  • Added knockback when super power-up ends
  • Improved sniper sfx and feel
  • Added VSync option from settings (enable if you experience screen tearing)
  • Added warnings/location markers for zombies that are behind obstacles

Overall balancing

  • Minor UI updates
  • Minor bug fixes and other improvements