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FLERP » Major Pacing Update (1.1.0)

This update significantly adjusts the pacing of the game as well as introduces important bug fixes.


  • The amount of time you need to survive to get a “win” has been reduced to 20 minutes
  • Rate of enemy scaling has been adjusted accordingly

  • Added the ability to move units around whenever the game is halted
  • Cap max tower limit at NG+5
  • Decrease rate of meta XP gain

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Execution was sometimes executing enemies at full health
  • Fixed an issue where units could overlap when placed while the game was halted
  • Fixed an issue where having enough armor pen resulting in dealing negative damage
  • Fixed an issue where Necromancer was summoning too many minions
  • Fixed an issue where selling Warden would result in negative armor
  • Fixed an issue where the effects on selling a unit were not playing properly
  • Fixed descriptions of Gargoyle and Wyvern

Feel free to let me know your thoughts, and thanks for playing!