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Hey, Snake Farmers! I’m excited to report that Snake Farm’s first major expansion, THE CURSE OF RAMONA, is out now!! This update more or less doubles the amount of content available. Let’s dive into it!


New game pack: THE CURSE PACK

This expansion features a new game pack, with its own leaderboards, achievements, items, and snakes! To unlock this alternate game mode, you need to defeat all the boss snakes of the base game. (If you’ve already defeated all the base game snakes, it should unlock automatically.) Whenever you start a run, you’ll get to choose which pack to play with! Some features of the Curse Pack include:

  • Ten new items (Weedwhacker, Antivenom, Snake Eyes, Scale Mail, Animal Mask, Lawnmower, Backhoe, Sidewinder Belt, Sacrifice, Carrion Flower)
  • Ten new snakes (Tsuchinoko, Rattler, Snakebug, Fuse Snake, Rainbow Snake, Oil Snake, Arrow Snake, Boomslang, Dragon Snake, Cobalt Snake)
  • A spooky new look for the farm
Endless mode

You asked for it, and here it is! Endless mode can be reached by winning day 10 with any pack. When you reach the end of your natural life, you’ll be presented with the choice of continuing to the end screen… or defying fate. If you choose to live past your allotted ten days, the rules change. Instead of buying more snakes, you’ll buy CURSES which make your existing snakes stronger. The longer you go, the more CURSES you need to take in order to progress, until eventually you take something you shouldn’t have and get demolished. Sound familiar?

Endless mode is still a work in progress, so runs that go to endless mode won’t be able to submit their scores. This is the part of the game that pushes every mechanic to its limit, after all! Be sure to let me know what clever strategies you come up with, so I can invent new curses to make your life hell.

New achievements

Seven new achievements have been added! One for unlocking the curse pack, and six that focus on the curse pack’s new content.


Balance changes
  • Shops now get one free reroll every day, and the item pulling algorithm has been slightly weighted in favor of items you already own. This should make build-crafting a bit easier, and take a bit of the headache out of getting a level 6 tractor.
  • Rare snake drops have been buffed, in order to limit the usefulness of lootsnakes in later days.
  • Smog snake: 25 oil -> 35 oil
  • Tunnel snake: 30 oil -> 40 oil
  • Volcano snake: 30 oil -> 40 oil
  • Garden snake: 40 oil -> 45 oil
  • Shadow snake: 30 oil -> 45 oil (also +1000 health, to bring it to parity with the garden snake)
  • Similarly, boss snakes have been buffed to take some of the weight off the big worm.
  • Bone snake: 100 oil -> 150 oil
  • Meteor snake: 150 oil -> 175 oil
  • Earthsnake: 150 oil -> 175 oil
  • Snake king: minions drop 3 oil each instead of 2 oil
  • Buffed sun hat (+100% firerate). This was one of the weakest items in the base pack, so I wanted to give it its time in the sun.
Misc changes
  • Added a snake counter in the bottom right corner of the pause menu for speedrunners. Now you always know how close you are to the limit!
  • Added a toggle fire option to the pause menu. Activating this will make it so that pressing fire will activate/deactivate your weapon, so you don’t have to hold down the button in order to continuously attack.
  • Added the ability to skip past the final score tallying in the end screen. Click anywhere or press ESC to skip to the end of the tally!
  • Gave the corral snake in the main menu a friend.

That’s all for this time! I’ll probably put out another update in a few days to fix whatever I broke putting this one out. Happy Halloween! Beware the cursssssssssssssssssssssse 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍