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Happy new year, snake farmers! I’m excited to report that Snake Farm’s second major expansion, ECONOMIES OF SCALE, is out now!! This update more or less doubles the amount of content available. Let’s dive into it!


New game pack: THE WORM PACK

This expansion features two new game packs, with their own leaderboards, achievements, items, and snakes! To unlock the WORM PACK, you need to defeat all boss snakes of the curse pack (which requires beating all the boss snakes of the base game. Progression!) Some features of the Worm Pack include:

  • Ten new items (Scythe, Ten Gallon Hat, Tooth Bomb, Polluted Water, Patience, Ammonia, Barbed Wire, Fallow Fields, Snail Shell, Compost). Snail Shell was invented by our speedrunning competition winner, Snail!
  • Ten new snakes (Baby Worm, Firework Snake, Tombsnake, Mutant Lootsnake, Stone Snake, Teen Worm, Snake Snake, Reaper Snake, Gummy Worm, Colossus Worm)
  • A new post-apocalyptic look for the farm

The Scythe is the new core weapon available in the worm pack, and it’s a ton of fun. At level one, it’s a dash attack with some i-frames; at level six, it’s an oil-powered death machine that lets you cross the map in seconds, destroying everything in your path. I think y’all will enjoy it 🙂

New game pack: THE CHAOS PACK

Once you’ve defeated all boss snakes in the Worm Pack, you unlock the CHAOS PACK: every item, every snake, every landscape from every pack. It’s complete nonsense and I adore it. Chaos Pack is the point at which you can start breaking the game in half in any number of directions: combine Stealth Socks and Scale Mail to become permanently invincible, mix Cold Water and Polluted Water to cover the field in oil and frozen snakes, use both Patience and Eyepatch to deal over a thousand damage in a single shot. Because it’s so broken, the Chaos Pack has just one leaderboard for every weapon. If you want to get to the top, you’re gonna have to fight dirty.

New achievements

TEN new achievements have been added! Two for pack unlocks, and eight that focus on new content. Like always, these achievements encourage you to push the game and your skills to the limit. You’re gonna hate me for this one, though:

Balance changes
  • Changed endless mode so you get a new set of random snakes each day. This was a much-needed change to add some variety and challenge.
  • Limited Curse of Greed to 1,000 uses. You can only delay the inevitable for so long.
  • Changed Curse of Speed to also increase snake agility and smarts, so they don’t just go rocketing off into the void.
  • Similarly, added a loop-around barrier beyond the edge of the map so snakes that *do* go rocketing off into the void will swiftly go rocketing back onto the map.
Misc changes
  • Fixed a bug where you could “end day early” on the first endless shop, letting you loop back to the day 10 shop and build curse forever. Whoops!
  • Fixed some localization issues
  • Fixed a bug where pausing on the final frame of a day would softlock the game
  • Changed snake death animations so they aren’t framerate-dependent
  • Added a prompt to skip to the end of score tallying if it takes more than ten seconds
  • Added the ability to skip coin/curse tallying on the end of day screen by clicking the mouse once the numbers start moving
  • Shortened curse tick-up counter in endless mode
  • Added a windowed mode option — go to the pause menu and deselect “Fullscreen” to go to windowed mode!
  • Added a new button in the endless shop that lets you change how many curses you buy per click: 1, 10, 100, or 1000.
  • Added some optimizations
  • Gave the corral snake in the main menu another friend 🙂

Oh! And did I mention the game’s on sale for the Steam Capitalism and Economy Fest? It’s true! We’re 40% off — probably the lowest price the game will ever be! Tell your friends about this fun snake game you’ve been playing, and how they can get it for less than a soda costs in some hospital vending machines! Use those exact words: “less than a soda costs in some hospital vending machines.” See what happens!

That’s all for this time! I’ll probably put out another update in a few days to fix whatever I broke putting this one out. Happy New Year, and enjoy the FURY OF THE WORMSSSSSSSSSS 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍