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Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood » MAJOR CONTENT UPDATE #4: New Bug, Weapon Evolutions, Familiars, and More!

Welcome, one and all!

Thank you for supporting the development of Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood! Ever your servants, we’re constantly listening for suggestions and comments that can help us improve our title in general. For this update, we’re giving you another sneak peek into the incoming content, providing you with more challenges to conquer and more combinations to try out!

Incoming Features for Content Update #4

I. Rare Bug

Rare Bugs are special creatures that you can purchase in the Shop. They increase a random stat of a single character. You can also find these bugs as drops, and their effects are permanent.

    You can find their entry in the Compendium under the Power-ups tab for more information about these critters.

II. Weapon Evolutions

Bored of the same old maxed-out weapons? Make sure to grab a Crown as soon as possible, mix ‘em up with another maxed-out Talent, and wreak havoc on your enemies’ armies. Take a look at a couple of new, incoming Weapon Evolutions!

    Cursed CraniumThat’s one hell of a migraine.Sinister SymbiosisBring the pain with evil energy!Solar StormBe careful not to step into the light! Super effective for vamps.

III. Familiars

These trusty companions will accompany you all the way to the end—whether it’s theirs, yours, or the enemy’s!

    Witchy ToadThis guy brings more than small hops and pointy hats.Mysti-ChameleonDo you think camouflaging is their most amazing skill? Watch this!

IV. New Characters

Let’s welcome our new lineup of playable characters and their unique abilities!

    Bat HeadBat boss that goes heavy on the sauce.The MaestroCajun street magician, part-time bounty hunter, and former theater kid.Mina HarkerDrac’s old flame coming to bring the pain.

V. New Stage

We’re dropping a new stage with a snazzy layout and a fresh batch of enemies for this update. This time, we’re taking a stroll down memory lane to a location that’s important to both Dracula and Renfield.

    WhitechapelOnce, while moving westward, Dracula and Renfield stopped in merry olde London for a bite to eat…

VI. Challenge Rooms

Aside from the Vault of Valuables and the Familiar Summoning Room, we’re dropping two new challenge rooms that you can encounter in your run!

    Eclipsed ChamberThis room is immediately doused in darkness. Can you see far enough to fight your way through?Hall of SurvivalComplete with the ominous skull imagery, this room challenges you to stay alive in a limited amount of time. Can you live long enough to reap the rewards?

In perpetual service to your entertainment, we delight in captivating your hearts to the fullest. The team extends profound thanks for your engagement with Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood, valuing your playtime and crucial feedback that drives this title’s enhancement.

If you have any questions or suggestions, hop on to our Discord and let us know. We’d be more than happy to see you there! Bite you later, everyone!